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Project Description
.NET Micro Framework enables .NET Developers to create compelling embedded applications for connected devices. The Bicycle Computer is a demonstration project that will contain a gesture based UI, multiple sensors, and Web Service connectivity. Companion articles on the blog.

This project is under development. It is the companion code to a series of articles being published at with the first article available here.

A few caveates:
-The project will not match the state of the code at any given article as the articles are being developed a bit ahead of the publish dates and the code is progressing after the articles are written.
-The application is also coming up unevenly in places because of a need to develop specific article topics rather than being driven by completing functional areas. So, if you ask yourself 'Why didn't he finish this part yet?', that's probably why.
-You need to install the GHI SDK to compile the projects since that is the hardware that it is mapped to. You can get this at:

I will commit to making sure that each release compiles and runs (to the limits of its current functionality) in the emulator. It will also run on my hardware but you will have to take my word for that.

Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome - either in the discussions section here or in the comments on the blog. I'm having fun exploring this and I am happy to dig into anything that you are interested in.


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